Monday, April 11, 2011

Cades Cove

This morning we woke to freezing temps..
The air conditioning that we left on
last night left icicles hanging on the
light fixtures.

We fixed some bagels and coffee, 
then took off for Cades Cove.
It is at the beginning of the Smoky Mountain National Park.
There's an 11 mile loop trail,
with pull offs and hiking trails.
We were amazed at the dogwoods..

It's so green here!

There were a couple things of
interest on the loop..
a couple of old church buildings..

We really enjoyed the scenery up
there, and would like to
do some hiking up on the trails someday.

We came back down into town, 
and had lunch at a great little diner...
Once we were back at the RV park,
we took a walk around to see
who was around. We sat and chatted with Bob & Bunnie,
about their RV and lifestyle. 

Soon it was time for Harry & Jessica to
come, we're sharing the cabin with them. 
We chatted for a bit, then went down to
Howard & Linda's for happy hour.

There was a good group of people
there tonight.

Tomorrow is day one of the rally!

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