Thursday, April 7, 2011

Almost ready!

One more day of work..
and we're outta here.

Tonight we got a few things done.
I had to prepare a couple last-minute
tax returns..I do them for some
extra $$ on the side ;)

Then George and I got down to
the business of packing.

We went through our camping boxes
to make sure they had everything we 
need, since we're staying in a cabin.

We packed up another box with
some bread for lunches..
and important stuff too :)

George made sure the Magellan was
charged up and in working order.

Packing clothes was difficult. 
We checked the weather for Tennessee,
and it's warm a few days, and mild and rainy
other days. So we packed shorts, jeans,
flip flops, and sneakers.

We are well prepared!

So, we're taking my Honda Fit 
to save gas..
We have 7 cases of bottled water,
2 camping boxes,
2 cases of chips, 
1 box with food & libations,
1 suitcase, 1 portable BBQ.
I hope there is room for the Sea Eagle!!

See you in Tennessee!


  1. I'm impressed you can fit all that in your Fit. There will be room for George, right?

    Looking forward to seeing you both at the Rally! It will be nice to meet the very first follower of our blog (or the longest suffering!) :c)

  2. LOL Like the looks of that other stuff! :) Both of our cars will be packed with lots of goodies - I don't think we're going to starve by any means! :) I am so excited that the weekend is almost here! We will be seeing you guys soon! :)

  3. have a safe trip to Tennessee!!

  4. Boy you must have your fit backed to the gils! We're at Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia. Beautiful place. We arrive at the rally Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you.