Friday, April 29, 2011

So..did you watch?

You know you did..

Now, us lucky people on the
east coast only had to get
up at 4 am..
NO, I did not get that crazy.
I did sneak peeks at the TV
while I was getting ready for work 
this morning.
It was sweet.
You know..
the Royal wedding.

On another note..
with all the rain we've had,
the river rose up again.

It's up past where we put the swing.

It crested around 2 pm though, 
and didn't cause any issues..
except for the robins.

They will be happy when 
the river recedes and the worms
pop up!

Trees are budding with 
nice flowers..

This little guy was looking 
for some bugs to eat.

This little guy was
working on his baby :-)

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I think spring is here!

The last couple of days..
it has warmed up!
George is out tending 
to the yard..

The Johnny Jump-ups are
popping up all over the grass..

and with all the storms we've had..
the river is rising again.

This time, no danger of flooding
the yard at all.
With the windows open at night,
you can actually hear it flowing.
is it the wind in the trees..
maybe I'm hearing things :-)

I love this time of year..
flowers are blooming slowly,
trees are getting oh-so green.
The warmth of the sun on your skin,
makes everyone smile..


Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is risen!

Happy Easter!

I'm sure everyone had a blessed Easter..

Our weekend started by taking
another trip down to my house.
There was one more truck load
of stuff in the house to get out.
We took the chip truck..
it was full!

I forgot to take my camera :(
So no pics this post..

We are all through with the house now...
nothing but the closing now!

Today we went to my church for
a nice Easter service.
It was nice to see everyone.

We decided to find an Easter brunch,
but everything was booked up!
We ended up at the hibachi restaurant, 
for Japanese.

George worked on putting new
shades on the back porch,
and we hung patio lights 
to brighten up the spot.

I wasn't in a picture taking mood this weekend :(

Hoping the weather gets better..
we want to start getting the outside
spiffed up..
we want to get George's house
ready for the market!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I can't quite do the Flowbee yet!

Well, the rally is over..
and it's back to reality..
Jobs, housework, all that stuff.
It's also time for haircuts.

Now, I know it's boring
to talk about haircuts...
but it was time for a change..

Of course it was color night too...
so George went wandering
in the mall..
When he came back..
oh my!


It's so much easier!
Especially when it's going
to get hot soon..

Why don't men like short hair??

We went to Olive Garden afterwards
to relax, have some good Italian, 
and a few glasses of wine.

Hey, George should talk 
about short hair!!

I cut his hair today..
with clippers, 
not a Flowbee!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rally day 5 - Saturday night dance

Last night of the rally..
we're all tired, 
but we made more friends,
renewed old friendships, 
and learned more about the full-time lifestyle.

We had a good day during the day.
There were a few more seminars,
a walk through of members rigs,
then a catered dinner & dance.

We had such a great time!

The theme was the 70's..

there was some tie-dye happening!
Howard & Linda looked terrific!

Nancy & Bill

Harry got in the spirit!

We had a great time dancing!

Even George got into it..

Gotta have a conga line!

Sunday morning we had our last
breakfast with everyone.
There were a few tears shed as we 
gave hugs to everyone before we left.

We got home Sunday night,
but although it's good to
be in our own bed..
we're not looking forward to work!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Free day!

Ahh, a nice day to do something fun!
Jessica & Harry and George & I
ate a nice pancake breakfast..
then headed off to go RV window shopping.

We first went to Tennessee RV.

While there we looked at Open Range fifth wheels.

I really love the pantry!

We then moseyed on to RVs for Less
in Knoxville.
I wish we could have done some looking around
in Knoxville, it's a beautiful city from the car :-)

At RVs for Less we went in to
every Heartland product they had..
Landmarks mostly.
They are very nice too!

Body language :-)
Butch from RVs for Less
was telling me we need to buy used
first and then trade up later.
Yeah, ok, thanks for the advice :-)

We were pretty tired from all 
the shopping, so we came back
and relaxed a bit, 
then went out to dinner.
I was craving BBQ, good southern BBQ..
so we found Happy Jacks

Oh boy the food was great!

We took a walk when we got back to 
the started to rain a bit,
so we high-tailed it back.

It was a great day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rally day 3 - and some GREAT news!

Last night after coming back to the cabin..
I got online and checked e-mail before blogging.
I had an e-mail in my inbox..

Turns out she was writing up an offer..
and knowing I was on vacation,
wanted to make sure I was standing by..

Of course it took another hour to get
the I couldn't sleep..
I got a solid offer!!

So this morning was spent 
finding a printer, scanner..
(thanks to Linda Payne!!!)
and then getting the signed acceptance
back to the Realtor.
(Thanks to RV Plantation office staff).

Now we wait for the closing..
which should be May 25th or so.
The buyers are pre-qualified, yay!


This morning was spent at a couple 
seminars on workamping,
home base, how to buy an RV.

After eating some lunch at the cabin..
we took a walk around the park,
looking at more of our friends' RVs.
Lee & Martha
 ..then returned to the conference hall for 
potluck dinner.

There was lots of food!

Lots of laughter..
and lots of fun..
We played Family Feud..

Harry's team won!
We had a great time!
Tomorrow it's off to look at RV's
at several dealerships in the area.

Nite :-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rally day 2 - seminars, and chili night!

This morning started our seminars on the full time RV life.
Since we had gone to the Myrtle Beach rally
last year, a lot of this was repeat for us.
last year we *knew* we wanted a motorhome.
This year we *know* we want a fifth wheel & truck.
So we are listening to the seminars with
5vrs on our mind.

After the morning seminars,  and lunch
at the cabin, then another afternoon seminar..
we took a walk around the RV park 
to talk to more of our RV friends.
We also took a look at Paul & Jill's Montana..
.. we like that floor plan.
So nice of them to let us go through it!

The evening's meal was the chili cook off.
George volunteered to judge again ;-)

He really liked #8, we're not sure whose that 
turned out to be, but they were all very good.

Some people brought some wine 
to have with their chili ;-)

We also got a good picture of some
of our other favorite RVrs..

Marti & Paul
RV friends are the best friends!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rally day 1 - and a little fun with tea bags...

Well, day 1 started with a great breakfast..

Harry cooked bacon, eggs, and bagels..yum!

Since it was a dreary day, 
lots of rain, and chilly..
we hung out and read,
and blogged :)

Finally it was time to head over 
to the conference center to 
register, get our name tags, 
and goody bags.

We sat and talked to some of our 
favorite RVrs..

Martha & Lee
Bunnie & Bob

Dinner was great..
all American fare..
hot dogs, burgers, pork bbq,
potato salad..etc.
Too much!

After sorting out newbies from full timers, 
from researchers, all by show of hand..
we played an ice breaker game,
such as 'minute to win it'.
Tea bags were attached to an RV-dreamers hat..
and the person had to don the hat, 
and try to flip the tea bag up on the bill..
in less than 60 seconds.

Of course, George won this round!

He won a hat! Now we have for him 
and one for me :)

Was a fun night, and we can't wait until

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cades Cove

This morning we woke to freezing temps..
The air conditioning that we left on
last night left icicles hanging on the
light fixtures.

We fixed some bagels and coffee, 
then took off for Cades Cove.
It is at the beginning of the Smoky Mountain National Park.
There's an 11 mile loop trail,
with pull offs and hiking trails.
We were amazed at the dogwoods..

It's so green here!

There were a couple things of
interest on the loop..
a couple of old church buildings..

We really enjoyed the scenery up
there, and would like to
do some hiking up on the trails someday.

We came back down into town, 
and had lunch at a great little diner...
Once we were back at the RV park,
we took a walk around to see
who was around. We sat and chatted with Bob & Bunnie,
about their RV and lifestyle. 

Soon it was time for Harry & Jessica to
come, we're sharing the cabin with them. 
We chatted for a bit, then went down to
Howard & Linda's for happy hour.

There was a good group of people
there tonight.

Tomorrow is day one of the rally!