Friday, March 11, 2011

Waterfront Property

I feel badly even blogging about this...especially after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Our prayers go out to the families that are affected by all this.

The river behind the house will crest at 28' tomorrow sometime. As I blogged last weekend - Mother nature roars again - it can flood sometimes. We've had torrential rains the last couple days, and coupled with melting snow in upstate NY, the river has risen again.

Right at end of street
Right behind the house
Trailer next door

Everyone likes to come and see the spectacle..

Heather, George's daughter

We don't think that the water will come into
the basement this time, but it's
pretty close!

The sunset was nice!

We hope that the road getting out of his neighborhood won't be under water. We want to go and get some more things out of my house. We're selling more things on e-bay! Made almost $400 in the last two weeks on old items. Putting it in the RV fund...


  1. Great job selling things. I hope the weather improves and the river goes down. Floods can be devastating, we've been witness to it. Take care.

  2. hope the water stays where it is suppose the river!!..not in the basement!..and yes, you are correct the disaster in Japan is horrific!..puts alot of things in perspective!..have a nice weekend..hope you stay dry!!

  3. Happy to hear the river is keeping itself out of your basement.

    Making $400 on ebay seems amazing to me. I've never understood how people could buy things sight unseen. But very glad for you that they do.

  4. Been thinking of you and the river situation.