Sunday, March 6, 2011

The river's a-risin!

One of the 'cons' of living in George's house
is that it's 100 yards or so from 
the Susquehanna River...
...well it's a 'pro' too. CAN flood!

Due to snow melt, and today's 1-2" of rain..
we could see some flooding of the areas
behind the house.

We walked around yesterday scoping it out.

Looking up from river to back of house

George looking for the property line marker.
The river is set to crest at 27' tomorrow night.
George gets water in his basement at 34'
so we should be ok.

More pictures later!!


  1. Please stay safe!!

    You might want to inflate the Sea Eagle;o)

  2. Yup, we always hear about flooding of the Susquehanna. We would frequently cross it down on I95, in Harrisburg, on Rt 30 east of York and in Port Deposit, MD. Sometimes the river is up, some times it's down. Let's hope it stays down when near your home.

  3. We've been through the flood of 2008 in Iowa and had to leave Zion during the flooding of the Virgin River in December. It is amazing the powers of a river when it floods. I hope their prediction is right and you avoid any water issues. Are you married lady yet? :)

  4. Not a married lady yet :) October 22nd! (Check out the countdown up above)


  5. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the waters stay away. Flooding is no fun and you've enough on your plate now and no time to deal with more trouble.

    Hang in there!

  6. hope the water stays out of the house!!!..enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

  7. Hope your river stays close to its banks and out of your basement!! It is pouring here at the moment, but not snowing, so that's a good thing. :)

  8. Hope the river stays down enough to keep out of the basement. It is such a mess, even if you are prepared for it and get things up.

  9. I live on the banks of the Tennessee River (well, fourth floor in a condo), and the river is very high. All of the rain and snow melt has really contributed to the rising water. Stay safe....

  10. I know flooding is a concern but boy I do envy you having a home on the water. I'd keep that one and rent it "just in case" I ever wanted to come back.