Monday, March 7, 2011

Mother nature roars again!

Yesterday we were relaxing at home all day.

The rain was pouring down...
then it turned to sleet...
then to snow.
The rain total was 3" or so..
while the snow/ice total was
about 6".

The one thing we kept watching 
was the river.
The forecast was for it to
crest at around 29". This would keep
me from getting to work..
getting home!

The river ends up surrounding the house
so that they close the road up to it.
Thank God, the river only reached 22'
before it started receding...
so no flooding of property.
River is up, just behind the trees.
Just beyond the back of the trailer

It's pretty neat to see the river grow in size....
but I'm glad it didn't get that big!


  1. Glad it is receeding and didn't reach its predicted levels. I found the countdown, for some reason I had it in my head it was sooner. Now that's a senior moment. :)

  2. Glad your property was safe. Mother nature can be so destructive.

  3. Glad the river has turned around and will not be causing you any problems!

    Stay Safe........

  4. Glad the river didn't rise any more than it did. :) That is one thing Harry and I were saying over the weekend, that we were thankful we didn't live by a river or lake.

    Also, the check is in the mail. We're almost there!! :)

  5. It is nice living on a river but you just never know when she will turn on you. Still, water front property is always a draw. Been in AZ for over a month. I am still looking for that Ocean Front Property George Strait says he has for sale!

  6. Just think, one day pretty soon, your house will have wheels and you can move and not sweat out the rising waters.

    Glad you made out okay in the mean time.