Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's cold again..

Spring isn't happenin'
After last weekend's beautiful weather,
we got 8" of snow on Monday.
I refused to get my camera out to 
document the occasion.

This weekend was bitter and a bit windy.
We loaded more stuff up in the truck
and brought it up from my house.
More stuff to yard sale, 
and a few more things on Ebay.
For those of you keeping track...
we've now gotten rid of over 20 things..
and made over $500 now!
This is sitting in an RV fund :-)

We worked a bit on the back porch,
getting it ready for BBQ season.

This guy is definitely confused about 
what season it is.

All the robins are getting fat!!

Two more weeks until the rally..
I can't wait!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Another sign of spring...

George on his tractor :)

The river a-rising last weekend
left some branches, logs, etc. up
on the 'back 40'.
So George hopped on his John Deere..
and pushed the stuff over the bank.

He also hung up the swing!

Heather stopped by to assist.

The temps were in the 70's today, nice!
Tomorrow back in the 40'
we took advantage of the warmth for a bit.

Nothing like a little warmth, sunshine, and family to make you feel good!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Almost spring!!

Ahhh, the first signs of spring..
Robins in the yard..
Geese flying north..
dead skunks in the middle of the road :)

George and I have started walking before dinner that the days are longer, the sun is out, 
and the temps are finally over 50!

The other sign for me, 
is planning our first vacation of 2011.
The 2011 RV-Dreams Spring Rally..
in Tennessee!

We are very excited, as we went to the rally
last year in Myrtle Beach. We learned so much
about the whole lifestyle. At that time, our
focus was on buying a motorhome. Since then, 
we've decided on a truck and fifth-wheel trailer.
this year we'll be picking people's brains
about the fivers :)
You can never learn enough about the
full-timing lifestyle.
The closer we get, the more we want to learn.
We're just excited to meet friends from last year's rally,
and make new friends!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The critters are nesting

You can tell spring is around the corner!

Once the water from the river receded,
the critters came out of the woodwork.

We watched as two groundhogs started
making a nest in their burrow.

They are so cute!
George says they make a mess in the 'back 40'...
their burrows make holes in the yard.

Good ole' Punxsutawney Phil
said it's going to be an early spring!

So they're ok in my book :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Waterfront Property

I feel badly even blogging about this...especially after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Our prayers go out to the families that are affected by all this.

The river behind the house will crest at 28' tomorrow sometime. As I blogged last weekend - Mother nature roars again - it can flood sometimes. We've had torrential rains the last couple days, and coupled with melting snow in upstate NY, the river has risen again.

Right at end of street
Right behind the house
Trailer next door

Everyone likes to come and see the spectacle..

Heather, George's daughter

We don't think that the water will come into
the basement this time, but it's
pretty close!

The sunset was nice!

We hope that the road getting out of his neighborhood won't be under water. We want to go and get some more things out of my house. We're selling more things on e-bay! Made almost $400 in the last two weeks on old items. Putting it in the RV fund...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mother nature roars again!

Yesterday we were relaxing at home all day.

The rain was pouring down...
then it turned to sleet...
then to snow.
The rain total was 3" or so..
while the snow/ice total was
about 6".

The one thing we kept watching 
was the river.
The forecast was for it to
crest at around 29". This would keep
me from getting to work..
getting home!

The river ends up surrounding the house
so that they close the road up to it.
Thank God, the river only reached 22'
before it started receding...
so no flooding of property.
River is up, just behind the trees.
Just beyond the back of the trailer

It's pretty neat to see the river grow in size....
but I'm glad it didn't get that big!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The river's a-risin!

One of the 'cons' of living in George's house
is that it's 100 yards or so from 
the Susquehanna River...
...well it's a 'pro' too. CAN flood!

Due to snow melt, and today's 1-2" of rain..
we could see some flooding of the areas
behind the house.

We walked around yesterday scoping it out.

Looking up from river to back of house

George looking for the property line marker.
The river is set to crest at 27' tomorrow night.
George gets water in his basement at 34'
so we should be ok.

More pictures later!!