Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

A nice Valentine's weekend..
George and I were very busy Saturday
moving some more things up to his house
here in Plains, PA.
Yesterday we got up,
cleaned house..which..
since it's smaller than my house..
was a breeze.
Just think how much time 
cleaning a fifth wheel will take!

We did some shopping afterwards, 
including groceries, Home Depot stuff..
we had a nice early Valentine's dinner at
our favorite hibachi restaurant..
Sake, sake, make you happy..
they love to say ;-)

Tonight, we grilled a couple filet mignons,
with some steamed asparagus,
and a nice red wine with dark chocolate.

Very, very nice!


  1. Yummy dinner! I can't wait until I have a small space to clean and no yard work.

  2. Sounds delicious, and sake, sake make me happy too. :)

  3. You kids didn't over do it on that sake, did you?

    Downsizing is a beautiful thing, enjoy all that new free time you have that you used to spend cleaning!