Saturday, February 12, 2011

One day closer..

My days and weeks are flying by..
I've been working over 50 hours per week,
and part of my days have been spent traveling 
to visit customers, introducing them
to our new sales manager.
It's rewarding, but exhausting.

George and I have been busy on 
the weekends as well.
Today, we drove down to my house.
I sold my weight machine to my sales manager.
He met us there and picked it up.
While we were there, we packed up
some more things from the attic & basement.
I wanted my closet organizer, so George
disassembled it, and we loaded all up 
and took it up to his house.

He's so handy to have around!!
He turned right around and installed it in 
the master bedroom closet:

My job was to put everything back in the closet!

The next project was a new screen
door for the front door.
The other one opened the opposite way..

It was supposed to be warmer today,
but we had a snow squall that coated 
the ground pretty quickly.
George braved the chilly temps
and got the screen door in nicely!

Only a few more improvements,
and this house is ready for the market.
We aren't going to list it until
at least after this summer. 
My house is still not sold..
and we don't want to be homeless!
..unless it's in an RV   :-)


  1. I would list it as soon as it's ready. Who knows how long it might take to sell. But that just me because I have so much to do before this place can go up for sale and I get depressed reading about how so many have decided to rent their homes out because they aren't selling. There is no way we could rent this old barn. We would just come back to years more of hard work restoring it once again.

    Maybe it will be in great shape next October and we can have you and George over for dinner while you are in the area to get hitched ...

  2. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction. Spring will be here before we know it....WE HOPE!!

  3. Isn't it great when your man is handy? Sometimes it is really nice to have them around. LOL!

  4. Merikay:
    We would love to get together with you two while we're out there. It's a date!

  5. It is always nice to see progress. Maybe once the spring comes a buyer will show up for your house. Here's hoping!

  6. Progress, even a little bit is moving in the right direction. Hopefully the real estate market warms up with the warm weather, that's what we're banking on.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the Rally!