Sunday, February 27, 2011

More stuff gone!

this weekend was spent watching 
my stuff on e-bay
getting bid on slowly but surely.
I had several Longaberger baskets,
and a signed Ansel Adams book
on there.
My girlfriend has a small E-Bay
business, she lists the items, 
and takes 25% commission. of tonight,
every item sold!
...for a great amount!

So this afternoon, George helped 
me take  pictures of more items.
Carnival glass,
slide projector & slide carousels,
some more old books,
and other things that won't fit in an RV :-)

We'll see how that goes!

On another note..I've had a couple
showings of my offers yet..
but maybe it's picking up??!!


  1. Wow this is great news on both fronts. Hope someone loves your house as much as the e-bay buyers liked your "stuff".


  2. good luck with the ebay sellling and house selling!...

  3. Great to hear about the E-bay sales. I'll be interested to hear how the sales of the projector and carousels go, I have the same.

    One day at a time.

    Dosen't it feel lighter!

  4. Congrats on the ebay sales! Hope you soon have the same luck with your house!!! :)

  5. Great to hear things are selling. I just noticed the wedding countdown counter. Didn't realize the big day was so close. Hope it is an amazing day for both of you!

  6. Great! Super! Stupendous! Things are flying out of her house and into someone elses AND the added benefit of some CASH. You go girl.

  7. Congratulations on selling more stuff. I'm afraid that what I have to purge isn't worth much. I'd rather just donate or toss. Most important is to get the stuff gone. Glad that you are getting results on ebay. Keep on selling.

  8. Great being able to sell your stuff on line. I wish I knew how, I have trouble even trying to spell E-bay... ;c)