Sunday, February 6, 2011

More moving, and so on..

I had a very nice relaxing day on Saturday. George had to work, the chip salesmen have to work the Saturday of Super Bowl weekend. It was nice to have 'quiet' time! I caught up on my reading...haven't had time with all the shuffling things between houses! I treated myself to a pedicure & manicure, which was long overdue!

This morning we drove down to my house in Hazleton. I gave it a good scrubbing, and George packed up a few more boxes. Our friends met us for lunch, and then we came back, loaded up the truck, and headed up to Plains for the rest of the afternoon. We're now enjoying the Super Bowl. Well, watching it. Neither one of us are Packers or Steelers fans. I'm a long suffering Eagles girl, and George, poor George, is a Buffalo Bills fan. So for now...we're rooting for the Packers. Steelers...not so much..  even the commercials aren't that great this year.


  1. Hey - another Eagles fan here. Hubby (being from SW Lousiana is a Cowboys fan). However, neither of us is real into football. Didn't even turn on the TV last night. Probably would if Eagles or Cowboys were playing.

  2. A day to just relax is always such a treat. Someday you will be out on the road and get a few more of those. :)

  3. With all the work you've been doing getting the house ready, you deserve a down day to relax.

    Every day brings you that much closer to all your dreams!