Sunday, February 20, 2011

Indian summer? Indian winter!

This week has had some beautiful days...some say an Indian summer. High 60's on Friday. Then yesterday old man winter came again. 20's, snow, oh boy. Tonight there is a winter storm warning for snow, ice, and bone chilling temps.

I don't have to work tomorrow, yippee!! President's Day off. Nice day to relax, catch up on my reading..

This weekend was spent relaxing a bit. Yesterday we lounged around a bit in the morning. After showers and a bit of domestic stuff...we decided it was time to start working on getting rid of more things.  I took the camera and snapped pictures of all my Longaberger baskets that I've collected over the years. I have a friend who e-bays for spending money, and is willing to put them up for me for a small commission. Works for me! I sent her pictures of 9 different baskets.

One of many

Since I had my camera...we took a walk out behind the house to the river to see the ice flowing by..

It was pretty cold!!

I didn't want to stay out there too long, but the river's power is amazing with chunks of ice floating by.

So we got some more things sorted out, on e-bay, and spent the rest of the day today relaxing. George watched Daytona  while I worked on my new laptop.

Only another month until we can expect higher temps and no more snow!!


  1. Good luck with the baskets. It's a start.

  2. We are only supposed to get between 4 and 6 inches this time. But that's alright - you can have it!! :)

  3. How funny! I have only two Longaberger baskets. The one you have pictured is one of them! It sits on one of my shelves in the fiver. The other one is a bread basket I left for my daughter in NJ to use.

    Colder here too. But not as cold as up north!

  4. Wow, just looking at the pictures of that river made me COLD.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  5. Those photos gave a shiver. I also have some of the Longenberger baskets. Kept several and use them in the rig. There was a time when I actually was a basket weaver(mainly reed and some willow) I kept a few of those too, they have come in handy.

  6. Boy does that look COLD! Brrrrrrrr. BUT, a spot on a lake looks GREAT to me! I love the water!!


  7. I was just getting warm in front of my little electric heater until I looked at those river pictures. Now I'm cold again. lol Stay warm if at all possible.

  8. Selling your baskets???!!! Marti'd sell me before she sold any of her baskets! :c)