Sunday, February 27, 2011

More stuff gone!

this weekend was spent watching 
my stuff on e-bay
getting bid on slowly but surely.
I had several Longaberger baskets,
and a signed Ansel Adams book
on there.
My girlfriend has a small E-Bay
business, she lists the items, 
and takes 25% commission. of tonight,
every item sold!
...for a great amount!

So this afternoon, George helped 
me take  pictures of more items.
Carnival glass,
slide projector & slide carousels,
some more old books,
and other things that won't fit in an RV :-)

We'll see how that goes!

On another note..I've had a couple
showings of my offers yet..
but maybe it's picking up??!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Indian summer? Indian winter!

This week has had some beautiful days...some say an Indian summer. High 60's on Friday. Then yesterday old man winter came again. 20's, snow, oh boy. Tonight there is a winter storm warning for snow, ice, and bone chilling temps.

I don't have to work tomorrow, yippee!! President's Day off. Nice day to relax, catch up on my reading..

This weekend was spent relaxing a bit. Yesterday we lounged around a bit in the morning. After showers and a bit of domestic stuff...we decided it was time to start working on getting rid of more things.  I took the camera and snapped pictures of all my Longaberger baskets that I've collected over the years. I have a friend who e-bays for spending money, and is willing to put them up for me for a small commission. Works for me! I sent her pictures of 9 different baskets.

One of many

Since I had my camera...we took a walk out behind the house to the river to see the ice flowing by..

It was pretty cold!!

I didn't want to stay out there too long, but the river's power is amazing with chunks of ice floating by.

So we got some more things sorted out, on e-bay, and spent the rest of the day today relaxing. George watched Daytona  while I worked on my new laptop.

Only another month until we can expect higher temps and no more snow!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

A nice Valentine's weekend..
George and I were very busy Saturday
moving some more things up to his house
here in Plains, PA.
Yesterday we got up,
cleaned house..which..
since it's smaller than my house..
was a breeze.
Just think how much time 
cleaning a fifth wheel will take!

We did some shopping afterwards, 
including groceries, Home Depot stuff..
we had a nice early Valentine's dinner at
our favorite hibachi restaurant..
Sake, sake, make you happy..
they love to say ;-)

Tonight, we grilled a couple filet mignons,
with some steamed asparagus,
and a nice red wine with dark chocolate.

Very, very nice!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One day closer..

My days and weeks are flying by..
I've been working over 50 hours per week,
and part of my days have been spent traveling 
to visit customers, introducing them
to our new sales manager.
It's rewarding, but exhausting.

George and I have been busy on 
the weekends as well.
Today, we drove down to my house.
I sold my weight machine to my sales manager.
He met us there and picked it up.
While we were there, we packed up
some more things from the attic & basement.
I wanted my closet organizer, so George
disassembled it, and we loaded all up 
and took it up to his house.

He's so handy to have around!!
He turned right around and installed it in 
the master bedroom closet:

My job was to put everything back in the closet!

The next project was a new screen
door for the front door.
The other one opened the opposite way..

It was supposed to be warmer today,
but we had a snow squall that coated 
the ground pretty quickly.
George braved the chilly temps
and got the screen door in nicely!

Only a few more improvements,
and this house is ready for the market.
We aren't going to list it until
at least after this summer. 
My house is still not sold..
and we don't want to be homeless!
..unless it's in an RV   :-)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

More moving, and so on..

I had a very nice relaxing day on Saturday. George had to work, the chip salesmen have to work the Saturday of Super Bowl weekend. It was nice to have 'quiet' time! I caught up on my reading...haven't had time with all the shuffling things between houses! I treated myself to a pedicure & manicure, which was long overdue!

This morning we drove down to my house in Hazleton. I gave it a good scrubbing, and George packed up a few more boxes. Our friends met us for lunch, and then we came back, loaded up the truck, and headed up to Plains for the rest of the afternoon. We're now enjoying the Super Bowl. Well, watching it. Neither one of us are Packers or Steelers fans. I'm a long suffering Eagles girl, and George, poor George, is a Buffalo Bills fan. So for now...we're rooting for the Packers. Steelers...not so much..  even the commercials aren't that great this year.