Sunday, January 16, 2011

One weekend at a time....

Day two of this weekend..

Packed up some more boxes last night...
mostly kitchen things that I feel the need to keep
but haven't used. Like...


Why do we all feel the need for a cupboard full of


I'm sure I can do without every size & shape of the stuff.

So job is/was the kitchen.

The cupboards in George's kitchen are approximately 
the same as in my house..
not as many drawers...
What the heck, if it doesn't fit, it goes in the yard sale pile.
We'll hook or by crook!

There were some things that needed to be
run in the dishwasher..

and George fixed some things that needed to be..

We got the dining room completed..

and the bathroom..

The rest of the afternoon, we hung some roman blinds
up in the master bedroom, and one on the hall window.
I was so tired by then, I forgot to take the camera upstairs.

Every night this week we will be busy packing more boxes.
Next weekend we move the furniture..oh boy..
anybody around wanna help??


  1. Tupperware, I too have a lot of it, I used to sell it, but I use most of it. I use some of it in the refrigerator for small bottles and jars as "drawers". It keeps them organized and easy to access.

  2. I have a shelf full of cheap throw away containers that i will have no problem tossing. I do have three actual Tupperware containers! One is a long thin green container that I think was for celery. I keep spaghetti in it and will keep it. The other two are round canister size with lids. One i have used for rice and the other for flour (available for cooking) not in the bag. These I think will go in favor of some square sided containers.

    Unless I come across a really good deal on square sided, microwaveable containers, I 'm going to wait until I have a rig with cupboards to fit!

    Have fun packing! If it doesn't fit in the other house, it won't fit in the rig.

  3. Looks like the house is coming along. The sorting and throwing part is such work but well worth it when it is done. If you haven't used it in the last year chances are you don't need it but I know how hard it is to let go. I am still finding stuff we took with us in the rig that I don't really need, I think this job won't end until I do. :)

  4. great job on getting the 'stuff' out and moved! box at a time!..and we also have a cupboard from 'hell' know the kind that no matter how many times you straighten it is a mess in a week!!

  5. Wow - you guys are doing great! The house looks awesome!! Good luck with the rest of your sorting and packing. :)

  6. When I die, I will be buried under a mound of tupperware. And not even the good stuff. I have the cheapo disposable stuff that I never dispose of. Lids and containers of every shape and size. It's like a kindergarten matching game when I have to put leftovers away.

  7. Want to help move? In a word NO!

  8. Ugh! We're suffering from the same issues. Your rooms are looking good. You are certainly welcome to zip over to our place and show us how... ;c)