Sunday, January 9, 2011

More work on house..

Another busy weekend working on George's house.
We were very busy!
George put a shower door on the shower..

while I lined all the shelves in the kitchen with red & white checked paper.

We added some more storage to the bathroom..

and wire shelving to the coat closet that is off the kitchen..

Bathroom turned out nice!

We did all that yesterday.

Today we ripped the old carpet out of  two bedrooms..

the master bedroom..

Gotta love that blue carpet!
and the 'middle' bedroom..

This room had olive green carpet.
When we pulled it up, underneath was
this linoleum, made to look like carpet!
Weird :)

We had painted both rooms last weekend, 
and in a few weeks, new carpet will be installed.

George's house is about half the size of mine.
We both keep saying it will help in the 
transition to FIVER :-)


  1. good work this weekend!!...the bathroom looks fantastic!!..nice work!!

  2. And I say living in a RV will make a condo seem spacious when we settle down again. We have all been busy beavers this weekend! Must be because the Holidays are finally over.

  3. Nice work!! We have been doing the same. Hopefully our hard work will pay off with quick sales for both of us!! :)

  4. Keep up the good work guys.

    They say the housing market is beginning to turn around...hope, hope, hope!!

  5. keep up the hard work... one day at a time.

  6. I've spent the past year and a half updating the house I inherited from my dad and I'm waiting until the last minute to pull up the carpeting in the master bedroom and living/dining room. My dog is almost 14 and he has trouble with hardwood floors. I have non-skid rugs down where I've pulled up the carpet so he can move around. Isn't there a satisfying feeling after completing each project? Looking good.

  7. The bathroom looks great, I like the extra storage you added. I think it is always an adventure to pull up carpet in an older house. You might find wood or like you did some crazy linoleum from the past. You two have been really working hard. :)

  8. It is great to see blogs of folks that in the same stage of getting ready for full-timing as we are. You sure made some significant progress this past weekend, good for you! We are still doing projects, although mostly we are weeding out. Thanks for sharing your progress!