Friday, December 24, 2010

Quiet preparations..

Christmas eve. Time of preparations for the birth of Christ.

I have today through Monday off. Nice! 
Poor George has to work today and Monday, so I'll get some quiet time.

This Christmas is a quiet one for me. My son, Austin, who
normally is here for the holiday, now lives in Colorado and
is spending Christmas with a new family.
George's two children have their own extended families
to be with. They will be coming over on Sunday to spend
some time with us.

I decided not to put any decorations up this year.
None outside, none inside.
We put our packages on the hearth.

Hmm, I don't see any from George...:-)

Tonight, we will go to our church's Christmas eve service.
I always enjoy it, we end it singing Silent Night holding candles.
Our choir does special music for the half hour before the service...
I'm singing in a quartet a song with Silent Night interspersed within.

Before church tonight, it's been a long tradition in my family
to go out and eat Chinese buffet.
I can't wait!!

George and I want to wish all our friends and family
a very Merry Christmas!!


  1. We, too, will be spending a quiet Christmas. We did decorate the Fiver. We will have dinner at friends here in Louisiana. Len's sibings here all have their own families.

    We came here hoping to spend Christmas with his two daughters. However, the one who lives in Houston is hosting the other daughter and family and Leonards' ex wife and husband. The ex has makes it clear we are not to be there. How unfortunate. Especially for Len's girls who are made to feel uncomfortable. When in NJ, each Christmas morning my daughter hosts breakfast and my ex and his wife are there along with us. We've also have all had Thanksgiving dinner at the other daughters house. Never an issue.

    Next year we will be in NJ or MD!

    We are blessed that we do have good friends in the area and will enjoy our time with them today and then tomorrow evening we will probably pop in at one of Len's brothers for a while.

    So, Laurie and George - have a blessed Christmas and hopefully, Laurie, there will be something on the mantle for you real soon.

  2. Merry Christmas, Laurie and George!! :) I hope you have a wonderful (quiet) holiday. It's not been a tradition, (maybe I'll start one now) but we are having Chinese buffet for dinner as well! YUM!!

  3. Merry Christmas, enjoy the evening and May you both be blessed in the New Year.

  4. Have a very nice evening. We really don't need all the commercial fuss.

  5. A simple Christmas to match the move to a more simple lifestyle :o)

    Enjoy the long weekend and quiet time.

    Merry Christmas to you and George!!

  6. Merry Christmas to you both, you've become special friends to us and we hope to see you next year at the rally. We're really looking forward to it. :c)