Sunday, December 19, 2010

Baking and such..

Yesterday George had to work, so off I went to Glamour nails. Not as decadent as it sounds..just my bi-weekly pedicure :)  I let them do a manicure as well, I usually don't, because I spend so much time on the computer, any polish chips right off.

Once I was home, I made two batches of fudge. I was going to take pictures and document step by step, but I gotta admit, I wasn't as motivated as I should have been :)  It's a terrific recipe, using marshmallows instead of marshmallow fluff. The recipe came from my Mom, from her home economics class back in high school. Family favorite :)

Today George helped me bake & decorate cookies. Now, normally I make my own dough, roll them out, etc, etc. This year I bought the pre-rolled, cut out, sugar cookies. Hey, we DID ice & decorate them ourselves!!

This is my first Christmas without one of my sons present. Since Austin has moved to Colorado, this year it's just George and me. We didn't put a tree up, lights, or anything~ (no boos or bah-humbugs from the peanut gallery!) We figure it's good practice for when we are on the road as more than likely we won't have family around then either!


  1. We don't put up a tree or any decorations either. If the kids came home we would. We go to our daughters home in San Diego so nobly would see them except us.

    I did all the work in the past, so i really don't miss it.

    (When we did do a tree it was 11 feet tall and we cut them ourselves.

    Merry Christmas. Enjoy all the decorations around you that other people have put up! You don't have to sweep needles!

  2. Love the cookies, I can't get motivated to do that, although I might make one BIG gingerbread shaped chocolate chip cookie to take to work. It has to go somewhere else or I would eat it all by myself. big NO NO! Enjoy each other and the cookies. Got milk for Santa?

  3. We decorte the fiver. We brought along a tree we had at the house that is about 4 ft tall and quite slim. It comes apart in the middle. We keep the decorations on it. We just take the tree apart and store it in a Rubbermaid container with other decorations. We have lights strung over each slide.

    This is a tough Christmas for me. I miss my granddaughters who live in MD. Friends here have invited us for dinner Christmas eve and Len's family had a party Say. But still- we are missing those girls.

    NO cookie baking here. Would like them too much!

  4. You are not helping me keep my "girlish" figure by showing all those treats!

    Now I'm craving some cookies...quick, pass me some Oreos!

  5. Who needs a stinkin tree & lights when you can have cookies and fudge instead!?! Priorities people! ;)

  6. We did a little decorating and a little baking, but much scaled down, better for everyone. Have a Merry Christmas.