Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What a way to wake up!

I think I am throwing in the towel.

Here's a bit of background..

I moved into my house in 1998. 
Since then, I've had a few vehicles.
A Toyota Rav, 3 Ford Escapes, 
and my current vehicle, my Honda Fit.

I have no off-street parking,
so I have to park on the one-way street 
in front of my house.

My house is the second house from a
5-way 'dogleg' intersection.

In front of my house the following
has happened:

My second Ford Escape
was rear-ended on
Palm Sunday eve 2004.
Hit & Run.

In 2006, my third Ford Escape had two
tires slashed. 
Shortly after that, a car t-boned another
car, which hit my Escape.
First car skipped, hit & run.

So now I have a Honda Fit.
Love it.
Had it barely one month
and on the way home from work, 
in June 2008 was rear-ended.
Not a hit & run, BUT
No insurance!

One morning, I got up
and much to my dismay..
someone had egged all
the cars on the street.
I only had one.
Have you ever tried
to get dried on egg off 
a car? The shell scratches the paint.

So now to the subject of my blog today.

This morning I went to get into
my car..
to take my drive to work.
I put my belongings in the passenger seat,
walked around the back of
the car (looking for collision damage, as I always do!)
the whole drivers side is smashed up.
Another hit & run!
He (or she I suppose) took out my car, 
and another car up the street.
George just missed it,
he leaves for work at 4 am.
How can someone cause so much damage in
a few hours?



  1. some days you wonder why we bother to even get out of bed!!??..we feel your pain!..darn people who have no respect for other's belongings!!

  2. Boy have you had your car troubles...I think I may have bought an old junker to park on that street... so sorry you have to go through so much hassle:o(

    Definitely time to sell that house and get out to some less crowded campgrounds!!

    Hope your week improves.....

  3. I thought it was depressing enough when I saw the picture of your banged up car on fb. But now after reading your blog and history of car "problems"....I don't even know what to say. :( Hopefully soon you will be able to get out of there.

  4. I'm so sorry. You have certainly had more than your share of damage to your vehicles. I hope you have a low collision deductible!

  5. With your house on the market, sure don't want potential buyers know this little bit of information.


  6. Ouch! is right.

    It is time to put that house on the market and get the he!! out of dodge.

    Travel Safe

  7. Just another reason to get out on the road and out of the S&B. So sorry about all the damage. Sounds like maybe it was a drunk driver and he/she may be looking at the damage to their car wondering how it got there. Maybe not but that is my guess.

  8. Can you get a nice loud car alarm that would go off if someone hit the car?

    This has to be a record of bad luck. Has there been many others damaged?

  9. WOW! I'm speechless!

    Time for a hidden camera! Seriously! I had one on my house for other reasons and they work!

    Sending good vibes your way! :)