Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving in California...

Well we finally made it to
No issues at the airports..
No groping, frisking, 
none of the stuff 
that made the news.
The airports weren't that
busy, I guess that most were already
to their destinations by then.

My son, Adam, and my Dad
picked us up at the airport
while my Mom stayed behind, 
getting things ready for the
big dinner.

Dad & Adam peeled potatoes..

My job is to mash them.

Everyone had a job to do!
George's was taking pictures :)

Table looked nice!

We had a nice time sharing
food, fun stories, 
and pictures from holidays past.

Hope everyone had a great 


  1. Glad to see your air travel went smoothly and you got to spend your time with family and not in airport hotels!!

    Enjoy your visit and safe travels home....

  2. I just found your blog and I'm loving your journey. That's a nice looking truck you got to pull your Montana with. I might end up wishing I hadn't read your blog because I intend to check out your new looks pretty special and I might need to get one. If I could decide which direction I want to go, I might be on the road Spring 2011.

  3. So glad you got there safely so you could put your mark on those taters! DARN!! I just realized we didn't get mashed potatoes this year...wassup with dat?!?! :)