Monday, November 29, 2010

San Juan Bautista

Today we took a short ride
to the little town of
San Juan Bautista.
One of the 21 California missions
is there.

This mission is the 15th,
built in 1797 right over
the San Andreas fault.

We wandered through the mission itself,
then outside in the gardens.
We made friends with this guy:

He was crowing all the time,
and it was 1 in the afternoon!

Of course we had to find
a place to eat.
One of my favorite places is
Jardines..great Mexican food!

San Juan Bautista is a cute
little town, with several antique stores, 
and a great bakery.

My favorite thing, however,
is the fact that chickens and roosters
run around the streets!

A very nice day!


  1. I have been there many times. I used to do a nice little craft fair there every year before I started selling on the internet

    Are you visiting San Jose?

  2. Merikay:

    Probably no visits north, except the airport :) Sticking around the Salinas/Prunedale area this trip.

  3. Looks like a nice day was had by all - including the fowl!

  4. It looks nice and sunny and I'm thinking warm, too, as I sit here with my half gloves on trying to warm my fingers and type at the same time. Next year I'll spend the winter in my RV somewhere sunny and warm. No more cold winters for me.

  5. A new place to put on my bucket list. Like that nice weather, too. I can use som sun about now. :c)

  6. Looks like a lovely place to visit and local Mexican restaurants are my favorite finds. We may make it to this area later in the spring so I'll keep it on my radar. Thanks.

  7. I love the countdowns. Can't wait for the wedding!