Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let the decorating begin!

This morning my Mom treated us to homemade Abelskivers.
What's an Abelskiver, you ask?
It's a danish 'donut'..well

You mix flour, buttermilk, egg, and
a stiffly beaten egg white.
Then the dough goes in a 
goofy looking Abelskiver pan.

The dough is put into the
little indentations of the pan.

As the dough cooks, it needs to be turned
in the pan carefully, until they are a golden brown.

They are served with powdered sugar,
and several jams or jellies to dip them in.

Afterwards, we put together the
tree, and decorated that. 
My Mom and Adam
put up the strings of silver beads.

I finished helping with that job,

and George put the star on top.

Afterwards, Adam caught up
on my blog. He thinks it is pretty cool!

The tree is ready for the season!


  1. Beautiful Christmas tree! Those Abelskivers look delicious - I've never heard of them. Lucky you!

  2. Those look yummy! Want to ship some to New York? :) We hope to do some decorating today as well. Tis the season!!

  3. Being from a Scandinavian background and area we had ableskiver dinners at church all the time. Mm-mm. Your tree is beautiful!

  4. The Abelskivers - from what culture do they come from? They sure do look tempting.

  5. Phyllis - they are Danish, a round pastry, similar to donuts, but with no hole ;)