Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flora & fauna, right in the backyard!

What a nice day in sunny Prunedale, CA!
We woke up to nice sunny skies.

Today we went to church where I used to attend
when living here. My parents still go there...
St. Ansgar's Lutheran Church.
Sound Danish? It is! 
Now you know where I got the Abelskiver recipe from.
It was nice to see some of my old friends there.

After my Mom & Dad took George, my son, Adam, and me
out to lunch to a place called 'Element'.

Oh boy, was it ever good! I forget how good
food in California is.

While everyone was dozing off,
I went out into the back yard to 
shoot some pictures.
They live on an acre, so there's a lot
of birds, deer, and other critters out there.

These black tail deers decided to feast
on the plants my parents have in barrels. 

Doesn't appear that the wire netting does any good!

They are so cute!

My Mom (Leanne) grows some nice lime trees in barrels.

Nice & peaceful :)


  1. What a lovely setting. And thanks for letting us know those donuts are Danish. Seems sometimes you CAN go home again.

  2. I've never seen a black tailed deer. How cool!