Saturday, October 30, 2010

We were just going to go take a look..

So we started off our Saturday, 
much like every other Saturday.
Slept in a bit,
had our coffee, breakfast..
computer time,

We took a ride up to
Went to Sam's club, 
bought a few things there.
Looked at the new
all in one computers.
We think one would be great for the RV.

Then we ended up at our local 
Chevrolet dealer.
About a month ago we had been out 
looking at trucks.
They had just gotten one in
on a trade-in....but..
we couldn't look at it
then because they were
still detailing it.
We basically had forgotten about it..
but this morning, the salesman
called us and said it was out on the lot
if we wanted to take a look.

So we did.
We took it for a test-drive.
What nice leather seats...
heated even!
Lotsa's a 
2006 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD.

George picks it up on Monday!!

We think the color will go nicely with a Montana :)

We went out to Olive Garden to celebrate!


  1. A big step in the right direction! Congratulations.

  2. congrats on your 'new to you' vehicle..may it give you many safe and happy miles!!

  3. Way to step closer to fulltiming. looks like a beauty!!

    Sometimes when you least expect it the RIGHT thing comes was meant to be!!

  4. Yeah, I've gone to "just take a look" too. :-)

    Nice truck,


  5. Boy, ain't that the way! Just going to look. Can't tell you how many times we did that.

    Congrats and enjoy. And where better to celebrate than at Olive Garden.

  6. That is so awesome!!! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see what you find to go with it. :)

  7. Awesome. I love our truck and it is the first step to going on the road, just makes it all seem more real. Enjoy!

  8. Very nice truck! All the pieces are starting to fall into place. If we were going to use a fifth wheel instead of our MH, the Montanas are the ones we'd buy, we've looked at them a bunch of times and are really impressed with them.

    Hang in there, your time is coming!