Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Updates etc..

I hate waiting!!

We know what we want, 
and when  we want it.


George's house & property has been on 
the market for 10 months with not
one offer. So..
he took it off the market for NOW.
Letting it sit for the winter.

My house has been on the market for 
4 months. Have lowered the price once.
Had one looker -
"love it!"..
...then nothing.
Having an open house
on Saturday.
A 'blitz'..whatever that is.

I know, I know...
some people have their 
houses on the market...THIS market
for a year or more.
I know..I know..
George isn't retiring until July, 2012.

But I still wanna go NOW!


  1. I think dealing with the sale of houses is so hard. We got lucky but we have sold other houses and had to wait. I hated having to keep it spotless all the time just "in case"someone wanted to see it. I wish you the best and hope that the "right buyer" comes through soon.

  2. Hey Laurie...we feel your pain and frustration. We have not had any bites on our house as well. I keep trying to remind myself that it will happen when it is suppose to happen, but that doesn't always relieve the frustration. I want to get on the road and off to Alaska this spring!!

    Perhaps while we are at the Rally in April, we will both sell our homes. I keep telling Bill we need to make lots of plans and then things will happen when we aren't here!!

    Anyway, hang in there and we need to ENJOY THE JOURNEY!! This is all part of it :o)

  3. Oh, forgot to tell you we love the new PHOTO of you two on the blog!!

  4. Waiting is the worst part - we dealt with the same when we were trying to sell our condo. And we never did sell - we ended up renting. Hopefully this next open house will be the charm and you will find a buyer very soon.

  5. In our case, my daughter and hubby are buying our house and have lived in it two years come February. However, she owns a condo which is just not selling. She does have it rented. So we have no mortgage on the house to pay but we had bought our fiver thinking things would be settled by now. NOPE - so we are stuck with payments on it.

    She makes good money and her hubby (after being unemployed almost a year) just got a real good job. They are hoping to qualify for a mortage now and keep the condo as an investment property.

    Here is hoping your place sells ASAP.

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement! I know selling a house is a PITA. I've sold many in my life, but never one this difficult. Declining values in the city I live in, coupled with the market in general, and lack of financing for most people make me feel like it will never happen!

    Patience I have *sometimes*!!

  7. Good luck with the house sale, it's a tough time to sell. Everyone wants you to give them a bargain. The right time will happen, hang in there. We're pulling for you.