Saturday, October 23, 2010

Goodbyes are hard..

Today was tough for me.
But it was good as well.
George and I went to visit my youngest son, Austin.

He's 21,
 lives in Philadelphia,
where he went to college at Temple U 
for 2 years.
He worked at a coffee cafe
until just recently.
He met a nice girl named Natalie.
She's terrific!

They are moving to Loveland, CO
to live in Natalie's aunt's house.
They'll be able to save some money
after they find jobs.

I'm sad, but glad that he's
leaving Philadelphia. 
It isn't one of my favorite
cities to visit :)

He'll be two hours from his Father
who lives in Colorado Springs.
That makes me feel a little bit better.
and besides...
It gives us someone in Colorado 
to see when we have our RV!


  1. Oh Laurie I feel for you. Saying good bye to my two boys when we took off on our adventure was the hardest thing I had to do. Even when we know they will be fine and they don't need us like they use to- in our eyes they are still our little boys. (I just have to refrain from telling them that) It is just part of being a mom.

  2. I vote for Colorado over Philadelphia. Another friend just had their daughter move from Miami to Colorado.

    We raise of children, let them go and hope they find happiness. Judging from the picture, he has!!

  3. Our grandson is 23 and also lives in Philadelphia. BY CHOICE! He grew up in South Jersey buts loves the city. Go figure!

    I know what you mean, my hardest part of this life is missing my granddaughters who live in White Hall, MD not far from PA border. They were two hours from us back east and we had them almost every other month. I will probably fly back for a few days in Dec.

    Their mother went to college in Denver. Not a pad place at all to plan to visit, is it.

  4. Good luck to Austin on his new adventure! I have always wanted to see Colorado - now you will have a reason to hang out there for a bit once you hit the road. :)

    It is hard to say goodbye, but at least with technology it is easier to keep in contact when loved ones are farther away. Do you skype? That is what we are planning on using when we are traveling.

  5. Janie - oh I know! He will always be my baby! My older son lives
    In California, not far from my parents, so they see him
    more often than I get to.

    Jess- I do skype, I just need them to get on the ball with it!

    Phyllis - we're flying out to CA for Thanksgiving this year, so I'll get
    to see my other son, Adam :-)

  6. It is sooo hard to say goodbye. You have to let them go sometime. But where in Colorado can you get a good Philly cheesesteak?