Friday, September 24, 2010

Wall Drug and Mid-States Campers

Today is our final day of vacation...always so sad to have to leave, and on the other hand, glad to get back to a normal routine again.

Today all four of us drove to Wall, SD, to see the famous Wall Drug.

It was a fun place, with all kinds of shops, souvenirs,
and homemade donuts! They were pretty good..

We walked around and looked at all the 
pictures on the wall (no pun intended!)
and bought a few things.

George found what he wanted ;-)
Well, so did I...

Cute place!

So after that...we knew we had to find
an RV dealership. There has to be
many more of them in the mid west
than in Pennsylvania.
I looked one up, and it wasn't too far
out of the way on our trip back.

Some of you know that we had decided on a motor home.
Well...I think we've changed our minds.
We fell in love with a Montana.

We've set our sites on a
George and I think this is the one!


  1. Wow - that's exciting! There definitely are a lot of Montanas out on the road. We see them going by all the time. We looked at some, but we didn't care for the way they set up their bathrooms. I do love the amount of living space in a fifth wheel as opposed to a motor home. Do you know yet when you are planning to buy?

  2. Jess:
    If we had the $$ we could have yesterday! The deal on a 2010 was fantastic!
    We are still on a waiting game for the houses to sell..

  3. Okay- I might be repeating myself here. I wrote a comment and was knocked off by Google somehow. If this is a repeat = sorry.

    When we bought our Montana 3455SA last year, we had called the dealer to see if they had a 3665RE. They didn't but suggested we come look at the 3455. We love it, we bought it.

    Suggestion - for comments and personal experience join Great group who will share their thoughts on the 3665RE or anything else Montana related.

    Enjoy the rest of the trip.

  4. When we first started looking we changed our minds regularly between a motorcoach and a 5th Wheel. Then we found the one we wanted and it was a 5th wheel. It is a tough decision, pros and cons on both sides but sometimes you just know "the one" once you are inside.