Wednesday, September 1, 2010


You know how I love my pedicures...

I'm very fussy about my feet...

So imagine  my surprise..

When I woke up on Sunday morning..

with an ingrown toenail :(

Well, it didn't just pop up overnight.
Riding bikes on Saturday in sneakers didn't help.
My feet don't see shoes from May-October.
Flip flops, sandals, that's it!

Went to the doctor this afternoon 
after I noticed some drainage.
I was self-medicating with
good ole' Doc Scholl's.

Thank goodness, no cutting was 
for a week.

No pictures of THAT!

George was a good guy and set me up with
a pan of hot water to soak my toes in.

My toe has to be better for vacation in two weeks!!


  1. Ouch! Hope your toes are feeling ship-shape in no time!! :)

  2. EEWWW - sore toes. I just can not do flip flops. Hate that thingy between my toes.

    Saw your post on my blog about living near Jarrettsville. Daughter and family live in White Hall. WAYYYY back off from everywhere. Surrounded by rolling hills. Beautiful!

  3. Don't look so sad Laurie.
    I'm so sorry your tootsies are hurting, hope that they are up and running around soon. I too have had shoes on only a couple of times this summer, but only sandals. I don't like the in between toes thing either. Get better soon!

  4. Antibiotics kicked in, and I am happy to say, it is feeling much better, thank you! Not sure I want to put sneakers on's still sore. Good thing we have good weather for awhile yet :)