Monday, September 20, 2010

Indians to Presidents to Buffaloes

We are all rested, and ready to begin our vacation now!

We had a nice breakfast in the hotel we are staying in,
the Holiday Inn Express
in Custer, SD

We ventured out..stopping first at 
the Crazy Horse Monument

It's amazing how big it is, and the whole story behind it.
They've been working on it since 1948, and
probably another 40 more years for it to look like this:

I can't even imagine the work that goes on up there.
Next we went to Mt Rushmore...

It's amazing how big it is. Funny thing though, all 4 president
heads can fit in the hair of Crazy Horse. Wow!

George, me, dad  & mom

Of course, always can find ice cream..

After many pictures of the 4 guys on the mountain...
made our way to Custer State Park.
I was on a mission to find buffaloes!

It's windy, narrow road to get there. 
We stopped a few times along the
way to take more pictures..

I just love this picture!
Finally we made it to Custer State Park.

We saw buffaloes!!

and prairie dogs...

and cute burros..that stuck their heads in 
the windows of cars!

and a few antelopes..that were never quite close enough.

We headed back to the hotel after all the driving 
and sightseeing. Very tired...had a few bloody mary's!
and went to bed :)

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  1. Love the pics! Especially the prairie dogs, that's how Angel sits when she wants attention. They're soooo cute. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.