Monday, September 27, 2010

Good news....PS

Last night we went to bed

I need a vacation 
from my vacation.

much to my surprise...

the luggage fairy was here!

Our luggage was on the front porch
when George got up early this 
morning for work.

Just like the Easter Bunny...
or Santa..
or the tooth fairy.

all is back to normal..

we will keep researching
now with a vengeance..
towards that full time RV life!


  1. So glad you had a visit from the luggage fairy! :) Sounds like you had an eventful vacation with lots of unexpected surprises - good thing you have a sense of humor!! ;)

  2. At least you were HOME without your luggage. A few years ago we flew to Ireland. We flew out of Phila with a connection at BWI. Phila flight delayed, just made connection. We did, our luggage did not.

    We got to Ireland Friday morning, luggage Monday night. We did pack one change of clothes and meds in the carry on. We also had good news with the bad. We got about $80 a day EACH to reimburse so for having to buy clothes. Came to $640. Well worth the little bit of hassle.

    Glad you enjoyed SD. But, who wouldn't????