Thursday, September 23, 2010

Devils Tower

Close Encounters

So since we were within 2 hours..
we decided to take the drive up.
So we borrowed my parents car..
took off through the rain & fog..
and came closer..

and closer...

This monolith is amazing.
Despite the connection to the movie..
it's a very sacred place for the Native Americans.

There were a lot of  'prayer' cloths on the trees..

We hiked the whole loop trail and
got different sides to the tower.

We finally found our way around 
to the other side and back to 
the beginning. We found a kind soul to 
take our picture:

Certainly shows the perspective!

On the way back to Custer, we found
a great little grill in Hullet, WY.

Sat next to people from  Long Island, NY..
small world.

We made our way back..through the
prairies. The colors are starting to change 
just a bit..

Nice end to a nice day!

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  1. We stayed at the campground at the base of Devils Tower. It is an amazing site and watching the climbers head up the rock walls was awesome! Thanks for bringing that memory back!

    We are really enjoying your vacation:o)