Saturday, August 7, 2010

It started with bloody marys....

What a nice weekend so far!
The weather is perfect, not too hot, and a slight breeze. 
I could have weather like this all the time!

Since George and I both had stressful work weeks, 
Friday night we decided to have a cocktail at our new downstairs bar.

Oh yeah, baby, they were good :)

Saturday, we had several things that needed to get done.

Something I refuse to give up when full-timing.

Pedicures. With design on big toe. Woman can give up only so much!

After my pedicure, (George picked me up because he had dropped me off earlier)...
We took the car to the car wash. It was filthy!

George sprays the car off,
my job is to keep feeding quarters in the machine, 
and switching the settings.

We always take out the mats and 'Armor-All' them. Makes them shine!

Next step was putting the front 'bra' back on. George has that job.
It's a tough thing to put on.

Looks good, eh? Least for awhile!

Our final chore for today was to drive up to Frances Slocum State Park.
We wanted to check out somewhere to put the Sea Eagle in the water.
I also had learned that in PA state parks, 
even an inflatable kayak must have a launching permit.
We stopped in to the PA DCNR office at the park to purchase one.
Only $18.00 for two years. Not too bad.

Tomorrow we will head back up there and get out on the lake!!

Stay tuned...


  1. Looks like you had a productive day! Have fun tomorrow! :)

  2. Ah the bar looks refreshing but...don't get too attached!

    Remember the goal??? Hit the road Jack!!! There's no place for the house when you're out full-timing! LOL!

    Guess you'll just have to make a traveling bar! Works for me!

  3. Haha, I said those exact words to George when we were working on the bar...don't get attached!! We made over the bar to sell the house faster! :)