Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wyoming to Forty Fort

Well, we didn't start in THAT Wyoming. Heavens.

We took our bikes over the river (the Susquehanna) and parked in Wyoming.

The trail is all paved, and runs along the levee that protects the cities from the river if it ever floods. It's a really nice ride, about 14 miles or so round trip. It starts out by the Forty Fort municipal airport.

It winds around following the river, crossing over and around and back. It's very pleasant! There happened to be a biplane at the airport as we were pedaling by, and we watched it as it did some tricks. 

The dike is a nice even path. There are smaller trails that go down to the river, but you can't get too close because of the bushes, etc.  George's property is across the river in Plains, but because of the trees, we couldn't see his house.

We rode for about an hour, then decided to stop in Kingston for lunch. There's a great little deli that George sells chips to, so we stopped there.  

I was laughing because George felt like a goof taking my picture at the deli. I said "it's for the blog!!"

Anyway, we continued on, stopping to check out the flora and fauna. There were lots of geese and my favorite, blue herons.  They were pretty far away, from the top of the dike, I had to use my telephoto to get decent shots of them.

Pizza Bird ;-)

Oh yeah, to prove that I was there, I made George take a picture of me as well. I did ride a bike, but for some reason I never had a picture of myself on it. 

Half way point is Kirby park.

It's a great park in Wilkes-Barre. There is a bandshell there, and they have terrific fireworks on July 4th.

Now we had to leave the green grass of the park, ride through the town of Edwardsville. We rode past this cool little church. George told me that when they built Lowe's, they moved the church back behind it 200 yards. 

Time to head back! 

We started back north and rode through Kingston again,
then to Forty Fort, 
and back to Wyoming.

Now you all know that no adventure of ours is complete with out searching for ice cream. George is from this area that we rode in, but said there were no shops on the route. We settled for a Baskin Robbins that was inside a Dunkin Donuts.'ll do. :-)


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  1. Nice ride.... We need to start a list of rides by state. Have to work on that when I have a free moment...

    Love the photos and I am guessing the new camera is a big hit!! I have to do the same thing, hand the camera to Bill and say, "Take my photo so they know I am alive!!"

    Happy Pedaling, Nancy