Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stressful day, with a "cheers!" ending.

I am SO busy at work..two years from now I know I won't miss it!! Today was very stressful, with taking care of customers that want their truckload of water YESTERDAY! Don't they know it's a holiday weekend?? So sweetheart George appeased me and said we could go out for dinner. I chose Booty's, a great local italian restaurant.

We both ordered linguini with meatballs and
a carafe of Lambrusco.
They have terrific garlic knots.

Ahh, that's better. A good end to a stressful day.



  1. That does look like a great ending to any day!! And I'm with you - I'm not going to miss work either! :)

  2. A suitable end to a long week!

  3. Been on the Herrs tour. Hey - those hot potato chips right off the line are GOOD!

    And from me who also worked in food processing as employee/safety manager, I do not miss work at all. Talk about burn out! But when we are not traveling or busy Len does. He worked for NJ Dept. of Corrections. As we are stuck here for next month or so, my former employer called who had a truck driver out of disability. Len has CDL so is filling in. Money comes in handy as will the unemployment once he is laid off.

    Your two years waiting to fulltime will zip by.