Friday, July 9, 2010

"For Sale"

It's a done deal. The sign is up! 'If you sell it, they will come.' Only time will tell....

11 years ago I purchased this home for $79,500. I've put in over $20k in improvements to the inside and outside. With this market, and the downturn of the town that I live in, the realtor says realistically I can list it for $124,900. Still a profit, so I can live with that. If I transported my house to another area, it would go for much more. (It's VERY inexpensive to live in this part of PA)

George's property is still on the market, for 6 months now. Beautiful land, right on the Susquehanna River, but in a floodplain. Not a 'plus'. 

Our plan is to move into George's house when this one sells, as long as mine goes first. He has no mortgage, so we would save so much money if that is what happens. Put it right into the RV fund :)

Keep your fingers crossed!!


  1. Here's hoping it will all go easily and a sale will close cleanly.

    I think selling our houses is the biggest part of this process.

    I think all the floods have scared people. Probably rightly so.

    Does he have flood insurance?

  2. Way to go Laurie and George!! We wish you the best of luck!

    The name of the game right now is patience. We have had no lookers, but it only takes one and they won't look if it is not up for sale. So now you are in the game!!

  3. He does have flood insurance. Only the basement gets water, so it's not devastating.

  4. Mine are crossed too! :) Here's to good luck and a quick sale!!

  5. Good Luck with the house sale. We gave up home ownership 2 yrs ago when the market was tanking because we didn't want to be stuck in a house we had no plans of retiring in. The money we've saved (which goes into our RV fund) has been refreshing.

    Have fun de-cluttering! It's a great feeling! LOL!


  6. Hi, Glad to see the sign up. One more step closer. Hope to see a heavier sign with the SOLD added to it. Good Luck!!!!!