Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Eagle has landed!

Despite both of us feeling like crap today with the beginnings of a cold, we couldn't resist taking out the new toy.

We first had to deflate it from its home on the extra bedroom floor (George's man cave!) We carefully followed the instructions, rolled it up, and put it right in the bag it comes with. COOL! It fits! Just like a sleeping bag! FYI, it only takes about 10 minutes total to deflate, roll up, and stow the boat in the bag, when dry.

We left the seats inflated for now, and then loaded all of it in the back of my Honda Fit. We really didn't want to go too far, as we left at 2 pm. We took a look online, and found Nescopeck State Park, where there is a little man-made lake, Lake Frances. It's only 10 minutes from home, so off we went.

We got it to the lake, had to walk about 200 yards to where the beach was, to put it in the water. We took the boat out of the bag, put it on the ground, and proceeded to use the foot pump to pump it up. We got a lot of comments from people, and odd stares.

At this point, we carried it into to water, got in, and with little fanfare, shoved off with the paddles. It's very comfortable, and we're glad we got the 370, there was just enough room for both of us to stretch out our legs.

The lake isn't that big, so we paddled our way around a center island, where there are bird houses.

My view from front of the boat.

Not a real scenic lake, no wildflowers this time of year, but still nice.
It was a bit breezy, which made it a little cooler for us. It was in the 90's today.

A few lily pads around the lake.

Since this was a maiden voyage, we didn't take a long time out there, hour tops. We headed back to the shore, it was easy to get out of the boat there. Lots of questions from people about the boat! We were proud to show it off  :)

We decided to put it on top of a picnic table to dry it off and roll it up.

We bought a large chamois to keep in the bag to ease the dry off.     

From start to finish, including drying off - it took us about 20 minutes is all to get it all packed away. It's amazing to me that the boat, oars, seats, and pump all fit in that bag. We bought a small lingerie bag to store the pump in so that it doesn't come in contact with the sides of the boat. No leaks!!

I can't wait to take it on another adventure! We love it...


  1. Great that it works so well! Now you have another item in place for your "next life" and you get to enjoy it now on top of it! :)

  2. 2 hours later... My husband was amused when he looked over my shoulder and saw I was looking at an inflatable. He told me I would have to blow it up. I know, foot pump!

  3. Way to go... The maiden voyage looked like a real success. Love the chamois idea!! Bill uses one for the car but we didn't think about it for the Sea Eagle.

    Hope the colds didn't materialize and you are feeling well......

  4. this is on our wanted list. Good to see another satisfied person. Can't wait to get one. Enjoy!