Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yard sale here we come...

Thanks to all the positive vibes sent our way. We are now very motivated, the weather looks good for this Saturday. I put an ad in the paper, no backing out now :)

George and I started marking the items set aside with a pricing gun (the perks of having a chip vendor in the family!). We spent an hour in the attic last night sorting through things, marking them, listing them, then bringing them downstairs to a staging area for Saturday's sale.

Tonight we spent getting the yard in shape, trimming the rhododendrons, and the forsythia, cutting the lawn. We need to spend a few more hours in the attic sorting, marking, etc. before we'll be ready for the sale.

We realize this is one of many yard sales we will have. A lot of the items for this sale is George's old stuff, duplicate items that he brought from his house. As we get nearer to 2012 we will of course be selling more and more of our 'stuff'.

We've decided to take any money we earn from selling things and open a new savings account just for RV life. We don't know what we will do with it yet, but seeing the savings grow helps keep us on track.



  1. Glad to hear you are going to "lighten the load"...each sale means you are one step closer to your full-timing dream. Have fun! It is interesting to see and hear peoples reaction when you tell them why you are selling the stuff. That was as much fun as making a little money. Good Luck and Good Weather!!!

  2. Good luck with your yard sale! I have definitely been very motivated by the sales that we have had, and adding the funds to our rv savings. Then I start looking around to see what else we can sell now! LOL We haven't done any yard sales though, we've mainly sold a few big items. Neither of us wants to label all the items (we don't have a pricing gun) and do all the other things that are part of having a yard sale. ;o) So what we are doing is gathering all that stuff up and donating it to our church for their sale! :) I hope that YOUR sale goes great, and everything goes!! The weather here is supposed to be very nice on Saturday - perfect for an outside sale.

  3. Nancy, thanks!
    Jessica-we have had a couple yard sales over the last few years and find that clothes don't sell well in our area. We donated those to our church's yard sale. We have mostly old cable ready TV's, small electronics, etc. Not selling knick knack stuff quite yet tho :)

  4. I have filled several large boxes in the garage with thing I will offer at a yard sale or the flea market someday. I have said good by to them all, and I wish I could just have someone else sell them for me. I don't live where i could have a sale easily. (private mountain road) So I will have to go to a flea market for a sale. Probably not until either this fall or next summer. For now I'm busy painting!

    Good luck with the yard sale. Write about it, it is good motivation for us~