Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tired & grumpy :)


I decided to start a smugmug account, as I like the way it works much better than Picasa. I have started uploading my pictures, arranging them in galleries, etc. Last night I used a program that smugmug uses called 'smugglr' (cute, huh?)..which grabs all of your pictures off of Picasa right into smugmug. Cool!

So now, tonight, I want to write and post pictures of yard sale preparation, and find that half of my pictures from old posts are completely gone! Grrrr..not sure exactly why, shouldn't have anything to do with the smugmug/picasa thing, as the pictures were uploaded from my hard drive, not the internet. So...I have spent the last 2 hours re-uploading them to each post that was missing pictures. Grrr again.

Tomorrow night when I'm not so "tired & grumpy", I will post pictures and tell about my yard sale preparations from tonight :)


  1. Good luck with your yard sale! I hope it is a success!! :) It looks to be perfect yard sale weather.

  2. Looking forward to seeing them and hearing how it went.

  3. Hello again Laurie...just wanted to let you know I sent an email to your gmail address. Not sure how often you check it, so thought I'd mention it. :) Have a great evening!