Sunday, June 13, 2010

Things I won't miss when we have an our weekend went..

Yesterday, we left Hazleton and drove down to Nottingham, PA to attend George's company's Summer Social. It was held at the Herr Foods corporate headquarters.

It takes about 2 1/2 hours, but we decided to take the 'shortest distance' not 'shortest time', so it took us 3 hours instead. I liked the rural route it took us to get there better than the highway.

The 'social' was great! They fed everyone (1500 people!) a combination of hot dogs, bbq, chicken, homemade french fries, and sides.

There was a truck rodeo

Play area for children

And pony rides

We had a terrific time!

After the social, we decided to head into Lancaster to find a room for the night. This is the first time that we haven't made reservations in advance. Armed with on my Iphone, we found a room at the Knights Inn for $50/night. Sigh..this is where the title to my blog for today comes from...

Things I won't miss when I have an RV:
  • Very thin TP

  • Very thin bathtowels

  • Sheets I'm afraid to sleep on

  • Carpet I'm afraid to walk on

  • There's something to be said for 'get what you pay for' :)

    Sunday morning we got up, ate breakfast at Perkins (good ole' Perkins!). I wanted to take a drive through Amish country. I never tire of seeing the farmlands and Amish buggies.

    On the way back towards home, we again took the shortest distance. Of course it happened to lead us through Hershey. "The Sweetest Place on Earth!" We did the best thing you can do there, take the Chocolate World tour. It's FREE :)

    We even got asked to do a taste test in their sampling room on Hershey's Sugar Free chocolate. Scored a Hershey's bar for our trouble :)

    As a few of you might know, we always look for an ice cream shoppe on our travels. This time we could have had Hershey's ice cream, right on the grounds of Hershey Park, but decided to find others. We ended up settling for DQ. Blizzard. It will do in a pinch ;)

    Of course, we found an RV dealer on the way home as well:

    Grumbine's RV

    They're owned by Camping World. We looked in to a few motorhomes, but then the rain started and we had to leave. Have to go there on another day.

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    1. In spite of the questionable motel, it looks like a good weekend. I have Hershey on my list of places to go!