Saturday, June 19, 2010

First yard sale towards our RV life :)

The day started out nice. Warm, breezy, no clouds, beautiful! We put out 3 long tables, arranged things according to categories : electronics, kitchenware, craft items, old vinyl records, books, CD's etc. Threw some 'garage sale' signs on the telephone poles and gate, etc. We plopped ourselves down on our porch and waited for the crowds.

The people came slowly, but it was steadily busy. We made $200 in the first 1.5 hours. We did have some interesting sales, like the guy who really wanted
George's old cowboy hat, but had to go get money. We had it marked $2. He came back (drove his car) with $1.95 in change. We took it, he had so much heart :)

It was a great sale, all in all we made over $500! We boxed up what was left (not much!) and stored it back in the attic for next time. Through the day we talked about what we might get with the money we earned, and both decided if we had enough we would go ahead and buy a Sea Eagle. Woohoo!

I sat right there on the porch with the laptop and ordered one!

With the money we had left, we also decided to get ourselves a couple bikes:

Now we're tired! Tomorrow is Father's Day, I think we'll both be resting, never know...maybe a bike ride will be on the menu!!


  1. Awesome!! So glad your sale was such a success! I like your bike - it has a rack on the back like mine does so you can attach a bike bag to it. Very cool!

  2. Way to go Laurie and George... Now that wasn't so bad and don't you just feel so much lighter!! Getting rid of this STUFF sure helps simplify life!! Can't wait to hear about your first Sea Eagle adventure. Nice bikes too!!