Friday, June 18, 2010

Aha! and...Much better today, thankyouverymuch :)

If you read yesterday's post, I was very grumpy because of the photos disappearing in the blog. I had time today at work (shhh!) to do a bit of research as to *why* they disappeared. So...seems that since Blogger is a google product and Picasa is a google product, Blogger saves or stores your photos in Picasa under a 'blogger' file. Since I moved all my pictures (smugl'd) them, *poof* they were gone. Now I know to leave that file alone on Picasa, and I shall be fine ;)

So on to last night & tonight's activities..

Yard sale prep!

We sorted things out up in the attic. I live in an old Victorian house, so we had to bring things down from there..lots of steps! This was some of it half way down..George taking a breather!

Staging things in the living room..

This isn't even half of it! As of tonight everything is downstairs, ready for putting out in the yard tomorrow. I don't have a 'garage' or even a driveway. Live in the city, park right on the street. We have a true 'yard' sale!

I think George is pooped!

More pictures and tales tomorrow..wish us luck! It's supposed to be
85 and sunny!

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