Sunday, May 23, 2010

Field Trip - or the search for ice cream...

George has some "inherited" fly fishing rods. He's been taking them to fly shops here and there for some appraisals. As he does not fly fish, he thought this would be a good way to make some RV money :) Today we drove down to Lansdale, PA, to see a gentleman who owns a fly shop and collects the type of rod that George has.

We showed the rods to 'Bob'. We left with the rods :) Apparently the rods aren't as valuable as George would have hoped. They are now on e-bay.

Now to the field trip portion of our show...

Have you ever had a craving for a great ice cream cone, and can't find an ice cream store anywhere? George and I both have IPhones, and are able to 'google' ice cream, find shops near where we are, mapquest it, and drive to it. Invariably we'll get there, and it's not open anymore :(

Well, thanks to 'Bob', we found a great place in Lansdale.

It has terrific homemade ice cream, a small flower nursery, and animals, to boot! We felt like we were on a field trip :)

We've decided that when we finally live the full time life, we will make it our mission to find a local ice cream shop wherever we are!

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  1. Great photos and what an outstanding idea for your Full-timing travel mission!! Be sure to share the places with all of us......