About us

George and I have been friends for over 20 years.
 I met George while working at a bottled water company,
 he used to fill our vending machines
 when he was a snack food vendor.
 He always said I was the woman he would marry!
 I guess he was right!
 We married on October 22, 2011,
 and now are traveling full-time in our fifth-wheel.

I have two sons, Adam & Austin, 
 living in California and Colorado, respectively.
Adam is getting married in August, 2018
to a wonderful girl, Jennifer.

George has a daughter, Heather,
 who lives with her husband John in Plains, PA.
He also has a son, Chris,
who lives with his wife,  Jeanann,
 and three daughters, Jillian, Jaelyn,
and Carly in Glen Lyon, PA.

I was born in Bakersfield, CA, 
and lived most of my life in the central coast of California.
George was born and lived most of his life in Plains, PA.

We are looking forward to see other parts of the country!