Friday, October 5, 2018

Huh? George can hear!

Greenfield, CA

George has been experiencing hearing loss for the last
few years from all his years in a rattling chip truck.

I know from my Father's experience that hearing aids
can be so costly as to be prohibitive for most people.

George did some research online
 after having a hearing exam when we were back in PA last year.
The doctor back there gave him his exam results,
but his estimate was over $6,000!
Even with payments, it made it way too costly.

George finally found hearing aids (the same ones he was fitted with)
online at a site called HearStore for a fraction of the cost!
He purchased them for $2800.00, with a promotional $1,000 off.
They set up a $150/month no interest payment plan as well.
They contacted a local audiologist in Salinas,
who then fitted him with the hearing aids the Hear Store sent them.

They are inconspicuous, tucked inside his ear,
with the small wire over his ear.

 He absolutely loves them! 
There's quite a difference in his ability to hear things.
George even said on a walk recently how he's hearing birds
chirping in the trees that he couldn't hear well before!

We recently broke down and got 2 new phones as well.
George's Note 4 phone died one day, and he got a new Note 8.
My battery has not been holding a charge all the way either,
and so I got a new Samsung S9.
We both are quite happy with them.
Mine takes such great pictures!
Here's the latest of Cooper,
now 10# and almost 10 months old.

This is a goofy emoji that my phone's camera created of me :-)

The weather is turning to fall here now.
The wind we normally get during the summer months has died down.
We've even got an early rainfall!


  1. I got my Bluetooth hearingsl aids at Costco$1500. Glad he can hear better now

  2. Good for George! I may be in the market shortly!

  3. Thinking it won't be long before Len will need a set. Glad George likes his. I had bought a set for my father. Seldom wore them. Didn't like them. $4,000 down the drain.

  4. Very interesting information about George's hearing aids. Thanks so much. David tried some out and a very hard time putting them in and taking them out and couldn't tell much of a difference when they were in. Wish he'd had George's experience. Guess he should try another place and another kind. Cooper is darling.

  5. Wonderful that George can even hear birds now. Of course, he no longer has the excuse that he can't hear you when you ask him to do something... :cD

  6. Great news for George! Glad his hearing aids are working so well for him.