Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Counting down

Greenfield, CA

Cooper runs our life I think :-)

We've been busy counting down not only to Adam's wedding, 
but also to our cruise to Alaska.

The park has been very busy, full almost every weekend.
There are a lot of festivals in the area, 
everyone is coming for them!

George and I like to go up to Hahn winery as you know :-)
We drove up one day and took a picnic.

Their grounds are so nice,
and the views change with the seasons.

The surrounding mountains are brown due 
to the lack of rain.

The grapevines are getting full!

The hummingbirds are all over the place.

We leave on our cruise next Friday,
flying from San Jose to Juneau.
We spend the night in a hotel in Juneau,
getting a tour of the town the next day,
before embarking on Saturday afternoon.

I promise lots of pictures and more blogging!


  1. Love your header with the rainbow. That is definitely a pair of things to be looking excitedly forward to. Don't know how they can get the water for grapes in such dry country. Must cost a fortune.

  2. I bet the days can't go by fast enough. Enjoy that cruise and don't spend too much time taking pictures so you miss looking at the scenery! ;c)

  3. Envious. You will love Alaska.

  4. Wow Laurie, your pictures look like postcards!

    Only TWO more days!!!!