Tuesday, March 6, 2018

This and that, and oh yeah!

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

It seems like time is flying by here.
Between working, visiting Mom, and Cooper,
we have to sneak in some time to have fun :-)

On Wednesday last week we took a ride
to Paso Robles to meet up with some new friends.
Deb & Jim were staying at Yanks for a month recently.
They work for Southeast Publications as workampers,
and that company does our maps.

We met them at their RV, then headed over to Eberle Winery
to try some Paso Robles wines.

It was pretty good!

Next was San Antonio Winery,
where they have a great bistro and good food.

We enjoyed our visit, but cut it short as we
had left Cooper at home by himself for the first time.
He did great, by the way :-)

It's been pretty cold here in central coast California.
We've had the heat running in the morning,
and then again at night.

We've found that Cooper likes to watch TV :-)

I gave him his first bath last week,
he wasn't impressed :-) 


He was nice and clean, and tuckered out!

We've had some nice rain this week as well,
creating some nice rainbows..

..as well as snow on the peaks around here..

The highlight of the week was last night.
I've blogged about my oldest son, Adam before.
He is a pastry sous chef at a restaurant in Carmel.
The head chef and the whole team were invited to
be the guest chefs at the James Beard House in NYC!!

They flew out on Friday night, and thank goodness
the impending nor'easter didn't delay them.

Their menu was over the top, 
but it was cool because they broadcast the kitchen
on the website with a live stream.
I sat for 4 hours watching it, beaming :-)

I took a couple screen shots..

Adam plating his dessert...

Which was this..
"ras el hanout carrot cake with cream cheese,
opalys mousseline, praline crumble,
and carrot chip".

Ummm, can I have another 10 pieces?

The four chefs that put it all together..

Chef Todd took a picture of Adam making sure
there were enough of the Carmelized Empire Apple Fritter.

There were 8 courses for a mere $175,
each paired with a different wine.
Each course was one bite as it appeared to me :-)

This sums it all up..a post by Chef Todd Fisher..



  1. How cool you got to see your son and his crew performing their chef duties. For the price of the food, I would have been mad if I left still hungry.

    Cooper looks to be settling in well and what a good boy he was when you gave him a bath.

    Love those rainbow pictures.

  2. You have every right to be proud. $175.00 a meal? Just a little too pricey for me I think. All those wineries you must be a wine connoisseur by now.

  3. Love your new header picture and what fabulous views of the peaks. No wonder you like it there so much. Love Cooper, he’s such a cutie. And WOW for Adam. That’s just fantastic. He’s really moving up in the world. What an honor. I guess with 8 courses, you couldn’t eat more than a bite or maybe two and still have room for it all and the wine I imagine. Very cool! He's definitely in the tonier circles now.

  4. No wonder Adam has done such a magnificent job, after all, he was raised by a great mom! :c)

  5. Well a little (or a LOT) belated, but how exciting for Adam! And for you!