Saturday, August 12, 2017

We found our 'Place in the Sun'

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

Every Friday night in the summer months,
the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk has free concerts.
For the most part it is older groups who are
trying to possibly make a comeback.

We noticed one of the groups playing was Pablo Cruise!
I've been a big fan of this group since seeing them
here locally in the 1980's.

We took half day off yesterday so we can have 
a fun night out.
George and I borrowed Mom's car
 for ease of parking in Santa Cruz.
We parked in the lot across from the boardwalk,
put our chairs in the sand to the side of the stage,
then found a place to grab a bite to eat.

While our early dinner wasn't all that good,
we enjoyed the concert.

Pablo Cruise is actually a band, not a person :-)
From their website they explain their name:

When asked what 'Pablo Cruise' meant, the well-rehearsed answer went something like this: “Pablo”, represents an honest, real, down to earth individual, and “Cruise” depicts his fun loving, easy going attitude towards life: In essence that’s what Pablo Cruise music is all about.

I concur :-)

It wasn't as crowded as we thought it might be..

but, being Santa Cruz and a band from the late 70's..
there were some interesting characters in the crowd..

The boats on the bay were nice..

 The lead singer in the band is Cory Lerios.
He's written a lot of movie and TV theme songs, including Baywatch.

Not all the band members are original, but excellent singers..

This guy is a 'replacement' bass player named Larry Antonino.
For anyone who is a 'That Thing You Do' movie fan...
he's the 'replacement' bass player called the Wolfman.
Great singer and player!

 The drummer is one of the original band members too.. well as the lead guitarist..

The sailboats on the bay caught my attention once in awhile..

One thing we thought was really cool..
a guy doing sign language on stage to all the songs..

 The boardwalk was in full swing as we were enjoying the tunes.

A fun afternoon and evening on the sand!


  1. Whether you are just relaxing in your RV or Workcamping everyone needs a break from the everyday routine and it looks like you found a great way to do that.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Whoa! For a second looking at your header picture, I thought you traded Harvey II for a sailboat! :cD

  3. Your header picture looks alot like my first sailboat:)

  4. That sounds and looks like a wonderful "date night". Glad you two kids could get out in such a beautiful spot with all those gorgeous boats to listen to a band you like.