Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Harvey gets a bath!

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

Yesterday on one of our days off this week,
it was time to get all the dust off of Harvey II.
We are surrounded by fields of produce,
and with the winds that come up every afternoon,
our home gets very dusty!

George got up on the roof with our small pressure washer
to get all that dirt off the top.

Amazing the difference!

He borrowed a ladder from the maintenance shed,
and we got started.
George scrubbed, and I rinsed :-)

It all looked great after a long day of scrubbing.

The water is very hard here, so afterwards
George used a detail spray to make it really shine.

We hope it will last awhile!
Nothing like a nice clean home :-)

Today we're getting together with Greg & Connie for a ride up the coast.
We'll be going to Half Moon Bay to see if can spot whales!


  1. Harvey looks wonderful. A small pressure washer is a good idea. The fact that it takes an entire day to clean them is one of the reasons Winnona doesn't get cleaned very often.

  2. Harvey II looks all sparkly clean. Dave usually gets out and does the rig in sections. We've run into lots of hard water so we now have a portable water softener, sure helps with spots and build up.

  3. Nasty job... washing those big rigs. I suppose that's why we don't do it often enough. Still liking the new rig?

  4. Nice job! I have to try out that pressure washing idea, my be easier on my tired old back! :c)