Thursday, July 13, 2017

Happy birthday George!

Yanks RV Resort
Greenfield, CA

The other day while working in the office,
I got in a discussion with one of the other workers.
Seems her birthday is July 14 as well as George's!
We didn't work today, but Isabel did,
and since she has tomorrow off we celebrated today.

There was a cake ordered, and Jodi the manager
had pizza delivered for lunch.

Norma and I ordered the cake and told them
George with a 'G'.
Unfortunately George in Spanish is 'Jorge' ;-)
A little miscommunication in this mostly Mexican population.

We had some great pizza at the front desk..

We picked up the ice cream on our way back from Walmart,
where we had eye appointments.

As I get older my eyes seem to be getting better.
I've worn some sort of contact lenses for over 40 years,
and before that glasses since kindergarten!
Every year I have a step down in prescription,
so maybe someday I'll be 20/20 again. :-)

George's prescription changed a tiny bit also,
so he got new frames.

Both of us go back to work tomorrow.
Summer is flying by!


  1. I never have heard of people's eyes improving as they get older! Fabulous! Nice cake...July people are great people! (wink, wink)

  2. George or Jorge, either way you spell it, he looked like he was really enjoying that birthday meal!

    Happy Birthday "old" friend! :cD

  3. Happy Birthday George with many more to follow.
    If your eyes are improving the scientist will be trying to find out what is making you tick.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. We really liked the birthday celebrations at Roper Lake. Nothing like cake and ice cream to bring smiles bo matter how old we are.

  5. Happy happy birthday George! And many more!!

  6. Happy birthday George!! Looks like you had a great celebration!! Hope it's just the first day of another great year!

  7. Happy Birthday Jorge! Sounds like you landed in a good spot!

  8. Happy Birthday George! Looks like you had some good eatin'!