Friday, September 16, 2016

Cool old RVs

Amarillo Ranch RV Park
Amarillo, TX

We've had a few rainy days here.

George got new tires put on the truck
the other day while I vegged out.

Yesterday we took a ride over
to the doctor's office.
I had to pick a new doc as the doctor
I saw in Livingston left the practice.
We didn't really want to go all the way south
to Livingston, so I found a new one here in Amarillo.
Unfortunately, she was called away for some reason,
and they had tried to get me by phone.
Hmm, no messages!
now I have a rescheduled appointment on Monday,
the day we're supposed to leave!
They're getting me in early,
so hopefully it won't screw up our plans going forward.

On Wednesday we drove over to
Jack Sizemore Traveland.
Our friends Ray & Wendy told us it's not to be missed!

Jack is an RV dealer, but he has this great RV museum
behind his dealership.

George really enjoyed all the old motorcycles..

Jack has an incredible collection of old RVs.

What's cool is that all RVs are open,
and you can go in each one.
Most of them are all original,
some are restored.

I highly recommend checking it out!
It's free too :-)

Today is warm and sunny,
so we're going to go check out
Palo Duro Canyon!


  1. What a great museum. Would love to see that. Hope your appointment goes well and you get on the road as planned.

  2. So cool to see the old RV's...there's a great museum in Elkhart, IN, too...hope your dr. delay isn't too travels!

  3. I didn't realize when you had to leave SD due to the AFC, you also had to get into an HMO of TX. Not nice.

  4. Glad to see you didn't let the day go to waste. Figures that things like this happen and derail your plans to move on down the road. :c(

  5. Oh I love checking out all those retro RV's.