Wednesday, September 21, 2016

An update, and Palo Duro Canyon

Amarillo Ranch RV Park
Amarillo, TX

One of the reasons we came to Amarillo on our way to California
is to get my annual doctor visit out of the way.
As most of you know, I'm on Obamacare,
and being a full-timer has its issues with health care.
This year my plan changed over to an HMO from a PPO,
so that means being in Texas for anything health related.
When we stayed in Livingston in January
I picked a doctor there, but it was too early to
get my annual visit in :-(

Fast forward to this summer,
and I find out that a) my doctor left the practice,
and b) the partner wouldn't refill any of my meds
without seeing me first!
George and I really didn't want to drive all that way south,
preferring to head to CA on I40,
after a bit of searching, 
I found a new doctor here in Amarillo.
I had an appointment all set up for last Thursday,
which would have been plenty of time to get out of here last Monday.
Unfortunately she had to go out of town,
so they rescheduled me for Monday early.
We thought that we would be able to still leave that day,
but she thought it was important to get my
mammogram and bone density scan done before leaving.
that is scheduled for Monday :-)
I really like this doctor, however.
She's younger, has an all female practice,
only sees females, and is very proactive.

All of these changes have postponed
 our plans to meet my cousin in Ventura,
they won't be there anymore :-(

In the meantime...
we ate lunch at the famous Big Texan Steak Ranch.

We've seen it on Food Network,
and decided the lunch portions were better :-)

They're famous for the 72 ounce steak challenge..
eat a whole 72 ounces of steak,
and the meal that goes with it,
in under an hour, and it's free!
Otherwise it costs you $72!

The countdown clock

The other day we also drove to Palo Duro Canyon

It's not a far drive from Amarillo,
and the vistas are just beautiful!

The little visitors' center has some great history
about the CCC, and their building of the winding road
to the bottom of the canyon in 1938.

It was a beautiful drive!

Our plans are to hopefully leave here on Tuesday,
and head to California.


  1. We spent a week one year in Palo Duro and really loved it although the searing bright sunshine took a toll on my eyes. So sorry you are missing your cousins but it's always wonderful to have a doctor that you really like.

  2. We spent a lot of time in the area. Palo Duro Canyon is really pretty but way to hot to even get out of the car when we were there. It would have been nice to hike a couple of the trails. I'm glad you saw it.

  3. Been to the Big Texan several times. We would get the white limo ride from the campground to the Texan. Fun place!

  4. Sure hope you get this medical insurance situation under control. Thinking I am glad I am OLD and have Medicare. Never had a problem anywhere in the country. Except.... once I went to a Urgent Care center in AK and they don't accept Medicare but they directed me to one a mile away that does.

  5. We also have ACA for insurance. I think we will have to switch from a PPO to an HMO this year. Our current doctor won't be a part of it, so we will also be looking for a new doctor in Wisconsin. Should be interesting.

  6. A female doctor that only see female patients? I feel so left out! :cD

    Nice that you have a doctor that you're so happy with, sometimes things really do work our for the best.

  7. I have heard great things about Palo Duro canyon but we still haven't visited it yet. Glad you found a doc you like that is often a challenge.

  8. I love the header picture. That's a beautiful area. I'm sorry you're having so many problems with your health care coverage. I heard people were being switched over to HMO's and also that the prices went up. I'm sorry but at least you found a good doctor. What happens if you get sick out of state?

    1. Unfortunately all it would cover is ER visits. I have a low deductible, but still would have to pay 30% of the bill :(

  9. We've seen the Big Texan and its steak challenge on the Food Network too. 72 ounces of steak??? In an hour??? I can't even imagine!!